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     Having a great removal is more to do with the people around you than anything else, I tend to think. This is why I used test1 for our recent move. They just seemed to be a lot nicer than other removals firms that I met. I place a lot of importance in personality, and I found that I just trusted the team, whereas I don't get on with that many very easily. The results were great, and nothing went wrong, so I suppose I should be trusting my hunches more often!
Julia J.27/08/2014
     In the past week I ended up having to shift my home from my small neighbourhood home to a larger city. Just like everyone else who has faced this, I was very stressed out about moving. Most of my friends suggested that I would be better of moving by myself as professional movers were unreliable. As I have never moved before and had no clue what it involves, I decided to rather hire professionals to handle my move and in the end I was glad that I did. test1 handled my entire move so effortlessly that in the end I was ecstatic with the results.
     Extremely polite, helpful and a skilled team of movers. I was most impressed with the many services that test1 offered us; all of which were combined into a personalized removals package. The original visit from the consultant was very detailed and by doing this assessment I knew my quotation was comprehensive. They were in constant communication with me via phone or email; as a result all of my needs were met in full without me needing to ask again. I have no complaints about this company and their movers whatsoever. They made our relocation process much easier to bear for me and my family.
Marc W.29/01/2014
     Given the margin for error that there can be on a removal, I was desperate to find a removals company who were sure of what they were doing. I got the largest sense of confidence from the team at test1. Even when I was talking to them on the phone I felt sure that they would be right for the job, and boy was I right! I've never seen anything like it, the team were quick and efficient and for the price, the whole thing went incredibly well!
Rachel Hughes06/01/2014
     I can't say much for other companies, as I have not moved house in a very long time before now, but test1 are excellent. Perhaps my standards are low, but I am a simple enough person, and all I want is a good service form friendly people for a good price. The company beat all of the other quotes I had been given for the move, and were then very polite and nice, and made the whole thing seem easy! My house is not massive, but it's big enough, and these lot made it seem like there was nothing in there, the speed they got it all moved!
Donald Kelly05/01/2014
     When you are looking for a removals company, you aren't meant to go with the cheapest one, a bit like ordering wine in a restaurant. You will find however, that in the case of test1 you probably should go for the cheapest, as in my experience, they are by far the best removals company that I have ever used! The service is impeccable, the people are nice to deal with, and of course the quotes are very low, which suits me down to the ground! A really well recommended company, with great credentials.
Russell M.05/01/2014
     If anyone out there is having a hard time finding a removals company, or is just stuck as to how to make the decision, let me make your life a little easier; hire test1 right now! The team they sent were absolutely fantastic, and we were so happy with how everything went! If you need any sort of a friendly team who have a lot of experience in getting people moved safely, or who are great with animals and kids, then you are in luck! The price was within our budget, and we certainly got value for money! Top marks, ten out of ten, would use again!!
Sophia M.05/12/2013
     Getting everything that you own from one place to another which is hundreds of miles away is a daunting prospect. Even more so when you live alone! I had the team from test1 in to get me moved, and they did a great job in ensuring that everything was moved in a safe and practical manner. The drive was a long slog, but the guys were still ready to get going when we arrived, which is more than I can say for me, I wanted to get my bed unpacked to so I could get to sleep! An excellent job from a lovely bunch of removers, highly recommended.
Almeda Fetterman02/12/2013
     Moving house is terribly stressful. You will no doubt have been through it yourself, and if you are lucky, you may have experienced a move with a great removals team. A top removals team will ensure that your life is not a mad panic, and will help you get from A to B with as little damage to your property and belongings as possible. In essence, a good removals team will guide you through the process, providing the grunt work were it is needed. test1 recently helped me out on a removal, and I have to say, they were fantastic! I cannot fault their dedication to making our move a success.
Joana H.28/11/2013
     Getting everything that you own from one place to another is always going to be a massive strain, so it is right that you get a removals company involved. For the money that you are inevitably going to have to spend, it is essential that you get a company involved that are going to be able to really help you. It is no use having a company around who are going to drop things or take ages, and essentially add to your stress. You will find that test1 are exactly what you need. You should find that they give you a great price for what is an incredible service.
Freddy Bortz26/11/2013
     Having a great team like test1 around to help you out with the move, is the kind of thing that can make it all a lot easier. In no way would we have been able to get our move done in the way that we did without them. I would recommend the team to all out there who need a move doing, as they really were great to have around, and for the price, the service was amazing. Nothing was broken, all set down in the right place in the new house, and a friendly bunch of chaps to be around. We were really happy, and we're sure anyone else would be as well.
Andrew Rawlins26/11/2013
     Moving house is a lot less scary now that I have used test1. They gave me a load of advice before I'd even booked them, which I will remember for the rest of my life, as it was really helpful! They gave great tips on how to make sure that I was ready and that my packing was right, so that when they arrived the move would be really quick and easy. It worked like clockwork, and the move was over in no time! A fantastic job by a fantastic company!
Sandy Kane16/11/2013
     Removals are such a pain that I can't even think about them without breaking in to a cold sweat. The boring organization combined with the laborious lifting and packing is just so tiresome that it forces people to shell out thousands on removals companies. I am usually a bit loathe to part with such sums of money, but in the case of my recent move, I felt that I came off rather well in the deal! test1 gave excellent value, and a fantastic service, so the job was well worth the price. A great company!
Edgar M.14/11/2013
     Knowing that I had the move looming, I booked test1 early, which meant that they could give me a hand with the planning of the move. This was so useful, I don't know why I have not done it before! They gave me advice on everything from packing techniques to where to get boxes, and that was all before I had even got them over! The move went fine because we were well prepared, and there was not a single breakage, which I was pretty surprised by. A top drawer performance!
Eliot Hancock14/11/2013
     I was really pleased that I booked test1, as they made my move so much easier than I expected it to be. There is just so much to do when you are getting things sorted out for a move, that I was pretty convinced that I was going to mess it all up, but The team were great at ensuring that I was in good hands at all times, and that nothing was done without my refusal. A great job, all was very easy and safe, and the price was pretty good as well.
Martin Sorrel12/11/2013
     I was pretty worried about moving house, because I don't have a lot of time on my hands. In a way that didn't matter, because test1 had everything under control from the minute I got on the phone to them. Planning and sorting out the packing up of everything was no hard task for them, so I was really pleased to be able to get on with my own thing whilst they got the move done for me. I felt like they kept me included enough that it wasn't at all concerning, and did a great job.
S. Costello11/11/2013

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